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    Anonymous asked: if you really have no idea who this is then i guess that's good, but wow.

    I really don’t. I wish I did though :/

    Anonymous asked: i want you to know that i love you. truly and deeply. i wish you the best.

    :D Wow that’s really nice! Thank you anon. I wish I knew who you were :/ But I wish the best for you too anon

    Anonymous asked: good, im glad.

    Me too :)

    Anonymous asked: i just know. hope you're doing well.

    Well if you ever change your mind feel free to talk to me anon. And I’m doing a lot better than I was. Thank you

    Anonymous asked: because i know you.

    Well then why would I ignore you if you know me?

    Anonymous asked: shush because you wouldn't. if you're dating someone, i hope you're happy. if you're not, i still hope you're happy.

    Why do you think I wouldn’t?

    Anonymous asked: no I'm pretty sure you would, but that's okay.

    Nooooo I’m not mean like that. Even if I’m in a relationship I still give people the time of day :P

    Anonymous asked: the dreams are of something kind of nice. tbh I just watch you and want you. you want nothing to do with me in my dreams.

    Awe I’m sorry anon. I’m sure I wouldn’t be like that in real life :)

    Anonymous asked: you're in my dreams.

    Are these dreams of you killing me or something nice?

    Anonymous asked: Would you forgive me for everything if I killed myself?

    I don’t know who you are anon but I can bet that if you ever did anything to me I’ve forgiven you for it. So no, don’t kill yourself

    If anybody is wondering I haven’t killed myself yet. Hooray

    Hey. Guess what

    Fuck you and fuck this life

    Anonymous asked: I hope you're doing better


    Anonymous asked: i wish you didnt feel the way you do. youre amazing and great!!!!

    well thanks a bunch anon

    Anonymous asked: how come you're not ok?

    I’m a 17 year old with extreme emotional issues, a self harm problem, and a drinking problem. I’m not going to be okay for a long motherfucking time.

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